#16 So your an English major?

So your an English major? You must be so good at English. I hear this all the time. I decided to get my Masters degree in English because my English isn't the best. I write the way I talk. I ramble and occasionally, my sentences don't make sense. I have had a few experiences where…

#15 Goals

It is such a beautiful day today. I woke up feeling sleepy but happy. My period is close. My PMS has started physically and I think it has started mentally but I am not sure. I questioned why I woke up in such a good mood. Is it my PMS? or am I really happy?…

#14 #Muslimgirl

Today is hashtag #Muslimgirl day. A whole day dedicated to representing Muslim women all over the world and how awesome they are. Originally started by the creator of the website #Muslimgirl by a sixteen year girl, Amani, ten years ago. She has blown up and her site is definitely a huge part of the Muslim…

#13 Alcohol Part 1

I have been around alcoholics or people who like to get drunk but aren't necessarily alcoholics my entire life. The older men in the family, which usually consisted of my uncles and my father, would meet up and bbq in the backyard a couple of times a month. They would drink to the point where…

I have always had a weird history with friendships since I could remember. In Elementary school, a lot of my friends ditched me because of the 9/11 attacks. I remember one friend told me she didn't want to talk to me because her parents told her not to talk to Afghani people. We were in…

#11 Your Name

I re-watched YOUR NAME by Makoto Shinkai for the fourth time and it captured my heart just like it did the first time in the big screen. I am not a big anime fan but I have a few favorites. This film is filled with heart and timeless spirit about love and the beauty of…

Self love is not my favorite term. I am not sure why. I think it’s because the term likes to type cast certain types of people. I don’t know maybe I am crazy. I was at Barnes Noble in Studio City in LA and I noticed that the front of the book store has this…

It is 11pm on a Sunday night and I am sitting on my twin bed with my legs over the blanket so I can feel the cold breeze from my large windows. The breeze hits my legs and makes my toes wiggle. This has always been a sign that warmer nights will be coming soon.…

#8 Poetry

My poem. Not my art.


Artist: Michael Roman

Writer: Frshta Mangal

How to Pray

A veil covers your brown hair, long

As a breath. You sit, hands flat,

On your knees, prayer rug large as your body

Beneath you, Qibla your vision.

You pray Allah Akbar

Your head down, every heart beat a monster

slipping from under the veil,

your stumbling breaths

still a promise of love.

You pray Allah Akbar

Qul huwal laahu ahad

Allah hus-samad

Lam yalid wa lam yoolad

Wa lam yakul-lahu kufuwan ahad

You pray Allah Akbar

So much ambition—to stand,

To bow, to bend, to bear,

Though any path may end

In brambles, let the fruit be sweet.

You pray Allah Akbar

Silence shoulders the night sky

Your head lowered toward Qibla,

And all the world vulnerable, a prayer,

Even the crickets chirping in the background, a prayer

You pray Allah Akbar

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When I think of New Zealand, I think of the wonderful world of Tolkien. The Hobbit series and of course Lord of the Rings as well as all the other novels about middle earth. But, today, when I say New Zealand, I picture beautiful green mountain but death all around. The terrorist act in New…