#177 Rushed The Frshta Show

Here is the audio version of blog #177 Rushed.

I was not prepared for this weeks blog and it was definitely rushed. Since Friday, I have been extremely busy redoing my room. It has been a chaotic mess.

I was just going to do some cleaning and move my bed to the other side. I tried to get rid of a bunch of stuff too. My room is very tiny. My uncle use to call it a chicken coop. It has also been called a closet. I decided to buy some wooden shelves to replace my old shelves. This meant I had to fill in the holes in the wall since these shelves were going to be put up in another part of the room. Well, once I filled in the holes….my room needed to be painted. So, everything that I had already rearranged needed to be taken out of the room so I can paint it. Luckily, my brother had an extra bucket of paint. My father and I painted my room…he did most of it. Ha! He put up the shelves for me too. I brought everything back into the room and set it all up.

Here we are 5 days later and I am finally finished. The best part is my shelves are not completely straight but I am fine with that. It reminds me of my dad and makes me laugh.

As small as my room is, I still love it very much. It has two big windows that bring in the sunlight. On Summer nights, it brings in a nice cold breeze.

When you walk in, you see bits and pieces of me. It is not the traditional twenty-eight year old woman’s room but why would I want to be like every one else? That is something I have never been…so why try now?

I have a closet with four shelves. Top shelves hold my stuffed animals since I was a child along with some figures. I have some figures of Rugrats characters, Luigi and more. Second shelf and third shelf are not that interesting. Fourth shelf has most of my books along with some large stuffed animals from my childhood.

I have a small storage above my closet with paper work, paintings, and other stuff.

My wood shelves consist of books, my gremlins collection, Frankenstein coin bank, my Anabelle doll, two plants and a photo. On top of my dresser, I have my Donald duck, paint brushes in mason jars, a candle holder, and a mug that says Luke’s (Gilmore Girls) with pens in them.

Above my bed, I have my Middle Earth tapestry up (Lord of the Rings). To the right of my bed I have my keyboard, my record payer with some records, a chalk board and a cork board. Right next to my bed, I have a stack of Barnes and Nobles collectible novels. Also, I have two of my paintings up and a Clue (the movie) drawing.

I still live with my parents. In my culture, you are not really suppose to move out until you are married. None of my older siblings moved out until they were married. Actually, one of them still lives here with his wife and new born baby. I know in American culture, when you hit eighteen you are suppose to move out.

Personally, I don’t always mind living at home. Life has become way better in my house since I was a kid.

We were a family of eight living in a three bedroom house which meant we all shared rooms. I shared a room with my sister until I was nineteen. Two brothers shared a room and the two eldest brothers slept in the living room or the guest house if they weren’t to chicken. It was small but we never noticed.

Now I have my own room so it is way better than sharing with my sister.

It would be nice to have my own home but at the same this current home is okay. I have space for my chickens, quails and cats. There is always home cooked meals and a fridge with food. At the same time, I get to help my parents with anything they need financially or just in general. They won’t be around forever and they like having us around. Sometimes I think about our house without all of the siblings. It would be just my mom and dad…in a big house…all alone. It’s depressing and honestly, if it was up to them none of us would leave. I don’t know it might sound strange but I feel similar to them. If I moved out into an apartment when I was eighteen, who knows who I would have become. I’d be different. The thought of living alone seems lonely. I would probably end up back at my parents most days. I think it is just my upbringing. Also, I was able to save a ton of money living with my folks.

Now at twenty eight, I think I am ready to move out. I am putting it out into the universe. Help me achieve this goal the best way possible.

All families have their ups and downs but right now though, I am grateful for my family, and my home and my tiny bedroom.

I really wanted to rearrange my room because I wanted to feel inspired. My work space is so important when I want to be creative. I have to feel the energy in my room to create and I think I can do that now. I feel inspired somewhat.

Thanks for reading!

Happy Wednesday!



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