#155 A Hobbit’s Party.

A knock on the door and a hobbit hole. A grey bearded wizard appears by the name of Gandalf the Grey. With a walking stick and a mighty tan. Subtle music in the background making me sleepy. I look around and there is Sam the Wise in his brown cape hiding in a corner. Merry… Continue reading #155 A Hobbit’s Party.


#154 happy 28 birthday to me.

28 June 5, 1992 is my birthday. My 28th birthday lands on a Friday this year. What a memorable year this has been so far. Although it has been a tough 6 months, it has still had its blessings. I feel extremely blessed and grateful to have friends and family that want to celebrate. They… Continue reading #154 happy 28 birthday to me.


#152 Is motivation a lie?

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. First off, Ramadan finished. Right after Ramadan, Muslims celebrate Eid, which is essentially our Christmas. Unfortunately, Eid was not the most festive. The last couple of days of Ramadan were extremely stressful and Eid was the same. I am not going to get into it because its… Continue reading #152 Is motivation a lie?


#151 Dear Hillary Clinton

Dear Hillary Clinton, I know you will probably never read this letter, yet I still wanted to write to you. Maybe some day you will come across this casual ramble even though you probably get so many letters. How did you handle being bullied by Donald Trump? How did America choose a President that treats… Continue reading #151 Dear Hillary Clinton


#147 Yama (Finale) Part 22

Yama and I during Hasibs’s engagement. In the name of God, the most merciful. Tonight, I will write the ending to the Yama series. I come to you all with a heart filled with love and compassion. It is the holy month of Ramadan and I am blessed to be able observe the month of… Continue reading #147 Yama (Finale) Part 22