#162 Inktober 4: Radio

Radios scare me. Do they scare you? There is something eerie about radios. Who is on the other side? It’s creepy. Think about it. I have been listening to the Vincent Price radio station. I have been in a Halloween mood and Vince Price really helps set the spirit of hallows eve. His stories are… Continue reading #162 Inktober 4: Radio


#160 Inktober 2: Wisp

Inktober 2: Wisp A wisp of smoke curled up into the air. The smoke circled the luminous moon until it shined like a round pumpkin waiting to burst into flames. Slowly the wind wishes down toward the rickety branches. There, she stands. Her finger nails as long a needles. Sharp and long. If she scratches… Continue reading #160 Inktober 2: Wisp


#154 happy 28 birthday to me.

28 June 5, 1992 is my birthday. My 28th birthday lands on a Friday this year. What a memorable year this has been so far. Although it has been a tough 6 months, it has still had its blessings. I feel extremely blessed and grateful to have friends and family that want to celebrate. They… Continue reading #154 happy 28 birthday to me.


#147 Yama (Finale) Part 22

Yama and I during Hasibs’s engagement. In the name of God, the most merciful. Tonight, I will write the ending to the Yama series. I come to you all with a heart filled with love and compassion. It is the holy month of Ramadan and I am blessed to be able observe the month of… Continue reading #147 Yama (Finale) Part 22


#146 Yama Part 21

Yama and mom had a very special relationship. They were best friends and had this deep bond like no other. My mom will never understand why Yama had such a sad fate. Yama helped her with I mentioned before...even going to the gynecologist Yama consoled my mom about everything..even when he moved out...he stayed… Continue reading #146 Yama Part 21


#139 Yama Part 14

A couple weeks before Yama's life ended...he did some strange things. Yama decided to visit all of his loved ones...even family that he rarely spoke to. He visited his best friend and his god son out of nowhere. He just knocked on their door and said I just wanted to come by and say hello.… Continue reading #139 Yama Part 14


#138 Yama Part 13

So now back to the ghost story. When Yama would see things during his time as an one believed him. Everyone thought he was hallucinating because once your liver is damaged ...hallucinations happen all the time. Yama went to the hospital three times to get detoxed. He would hallucinate for weeks until he was… Continue reading #138 Yama Part 13