#162 Inktober 4: Radio

Radios scare me. Do they scare you? There is something eerie about radios. Who is on the other side? It’s creepy. Think about it. I have been listening to the Vincent Price radio station. I have been in a Halloween mood and Vince Price really helps set the spirit of hallows eve. His stories are… Continue reading #162 Inktober 4: Radio


#146 Yama Part 21

Yama and mom had a very special relationship. They were best friends and had this deep bond like no other. My mom will never understand why Yama had such a sad fate. Yama helped her with I mentioned before...even going to the gynecologist Yama consoled my mom about everything..even when he moved out...he stayed… Continue reading #146 Yama Part 21


#72 Happy Halloween

The show must go on no matter what. Hollywood is a glorified disaster, especially for women. Trish Lebowski walked onto the stage to answer questions about her upcoming film. The audience just saw a screening for it and they seemed to be responding well. She wore a simple black dress with red lipstick and her… Continue reading #72 Happy Halloween


#24 Spooky Saturday

I want to begin this post by mentioning to my audience the importance of an open mind because this story is a little different. Next, this is based on a true story. The incident took place in Simi Valley, which is known for its haunting history. Watch Poltergeist. LOL It has been a windy week… Continue reading #24 Spooky Saturday